thank you for doing business with us, please read through the following below.  this must all be taken into consideration before a deposit is made and a session is confirmed.  all rules listed below must be adhered to, as benefit to both parties involved.  protection for you, as the artist is additionally covered in this contract.  please read carefully, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.


– an upfront payment of 20% is due upon booking a session , no exceptions.  the balance will be paid at the end of the scheduled session.
– all deposits are to be made via PayPal, no exceptions. option to pay the remaining session balance in cash is acceptable, but PayPal is preferred.
– clients will not be refunded this deposit upon cancellation beyond 24 hours notice, no exceptions.
– upon booking your session, times and services will be listed beforehand.  if artist requires other services, additional fees will be added to session total.
– any additional studio time overlapping the reserved session will be added to your invoice at the end of the session.
– invoices are due day of session(s), sessions can be paid upfront if desired.  payment can not be made beyond the scheduled date of the session, no exceptions.

studio rules

– we will provide professional quality service with added privacy and safety.  we keep our studio clean for client’s comfort, help us keep it that way.
– artist(s) is/are responsible for any damage caused by themselves or by affiliated members/artist(s) or guest(s) – including: equipment, studio facilities (bathrooms/kitchen), common areas (lounge/kitchen), other floors of the building, outside of the building.
– no smoking/illegal substances allowed in the building.  no food or drink allowed in the studio, acceptable in common area.


– if artist does not comply with the above, payment for scheduled session total will be retained and this contract will be nulled, moving forward.
– artist is responsible for any loss or damage to studio property caused by artist, artist’s members/guests acting under artist’s instruction, as a result of misuse, negligence, carelessness or willful misconduct.
– artist is solely responsible for all personal property belonging to artist, artist’s members/employees and/or guest(s). studio will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any personal property.

– studio will use reasonable efforts to secure all recording media belonging to the artist, but we will not be liable for loss of or damage to that recorded media.
– in the event of loss to or damage of artist’s recording media due to willful negligence, we will be responsible for replacement of no more than the value of the total replacement cost of the studio time which was devoted to said media.

additional charges

terms and agreement

by filling out the form below, you are agreeing to all of the above, for contractual purposes.  this contract is for reference, and to confirm and ensure that we are responsible for providing the services described, and that you honor our conditions as the artist.  this contract only has to be completed once, but holds up with/to every future session booked between us.  a copy will be emailed to you after deposit is completed, and can be printed up at any time upon request.  please keep for your records.

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I acknowledge all information above, and agree to terms.